Trey Had His Wisdom Teeth Extracted - Hershey, PA

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Trey needed an expose and bond procedure and his wisdom teeth removed. He appreciated the kindness and politeness of the staff.

Trey from Hershey, got his wisdom teeth removed.

Trey's Story

"I came to Balaci Oral Surgery to have an expose and bond and my wisdom teeth out. My procedure was actually very easy. I was in and out in no time — maybe 15 minutes or less. My experience has actually been pretty fun here. I'd say it’s a great place to come, probably the best in Lebanon. Dr. Balaci — he’s a cool guy, funny. The staff here is also really polite. They’re kind. They really care about you and the patients. Best around for sure. So, if I had a buddy that needed to get his wisdom teeth out that lived in Hershey, I would definitely tell him to come here. It’s definitely the nicest place around the area, all over Lancaster, Lebanon, and Hershey."

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