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Mary wanted cosmetic treatment for facial lines. She owns her own skincare practice and refers patients to Balaci Oral and Facial Surgery for fillers and injections.

Mary had cosmetic surgery at Balaci Oral and Facial Surgery.

Mary's Story

"Hi, I’m Mary, and I am from the Berks County area. I have been a patient of Dr. Balaci’s for about four years. And I came to him because I didn’t like the fact that I had a lot of lines through my forehead. Dr. Balaci listened to me and was able to recommend to me what he thought would be helpful for me. So I have been getting BOTOX, usually 3-4 times a year. I trust Dr. Balaci; he has a great bedside manner. I feel great, and I know that my face looks better – I just feel much more confident and more comfortable. I have my own skincare practice, Skincare of St. Lawrence which is in Mount Penn, and I recommend my clients to come see Dr. Balaci for any type of fillers, any type of injections; he also does many different facial procedures. I have been more than thrilled, and I recommend Dr. Balaci and his team with the utmost confidence. I think you will really like him."

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