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Kenny’s wisdom teeth were impacted, and he needed them removed. His surgery was seamless, and he felt perfectly normal in just a few days afterward.

Kenny from Reddinger, had his wisdom teeth removed

Kenny's Story

"I’m Kenny Reddinger. I came in for surgery to get my wisdom teeth removed because they were impacted with the other molars in my mouth. Dr. Balaci had a little talk with me saying what was going to happen and how it’s all going to happen. They took me into a different room, they put an IV in my arm, and since mine was near Christmas, they asked me what I got for Christmas, and that’s the last thing I remember before I went to sleep. I have to say that Dr. Balaci was very professional and very good job. I had pretty much no pain throughout the entire thing, after surgery, and the next couple days. The whole staff is very professional about everything they did, and within less than three days, I was eating regular food again and felt perfectly normal. I’d recommend to all my friends in Fredericksburg, Jonestown, Lebanon, the whole central PA area that this would be a great place to come and get your wisdom teeth removed."

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