Dr. Balaci Placed Dental Implants for Trish - Reading, PA

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Trish is thankful to Dr. Balaci for restoring her smile and improving her confidence. She loves having a complete and healthy smile.

Trish from Reading, PA, got a dental implant

Trish's Story

"Hi, my name is Trish. I live in the Reading/Wyomissing area. I’ve been a patient of Dr. Balaci’s for about 12, 13 years. I have 12 implants in my mouth, so I average about an implant a year. I come to Dr. Balaci because of his excellent, excellent professional customer service from he and his team, and also, I never had any of my implants fail, so I’ve been very happy with his work. I have a nursing background; I have my master’s in Nursing, and I run a nursing home—I’m a nursing home administrator. I’ve been doing that about seventeen years. Dr. Balaci is very kind and compassionate, and he’s very non-judgmental. Cosmetically, it makes you feel good. It builds your self-esteem, your body image, and of course, the most functional part of it—eating. You’re able to eat your food well and chew, and feel confident about yourself."

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