Bill Got a Dental Implant - Exeter, PA

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Bil’s dental implant treatment was excellent. He’s happy with the end result and recommends Dr. Balaci to others considering dental implants.

Bill from Exeter, PA, got a dental implant

Bill's Story

"Hi, I’m Bill. I came in to Dr. Balaci’s office to get a dental implant done. I had heard from various people that Dr. Balaci does excellent work so I came here immediately. He did an expert job on getting my implant procedure done. I work in the area so I travel around. I meet all of other people in various towns, in the Exeter area as well as Reading and Muhlenberg, and I am glad to talk Dr. Balaci up for his skills in doing implants. Dr. Balaci is the best, as far as I’m concerned, at doing implants. The procedure was painless to me, and I’m happy with the result."

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