Shirley Replaced Her Injured Teeth With Dental Implants - Ephrata, PA

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After a bicycle accident, Shirley needed treatment for trauma to her mouth, and thanks to Dr. Balaci, she now has a functioning smile again.

Shirley from Ephrata, PA, replaced a tooth with a dental implant

Shirley's Story

"My name is Shirley Lenz. I had a bicycle accident; I was hit by a car in Colorado. I came to Balaci because my teeth were loose, and the one tooth went through my lip. I wanted to see what he would say about the procedures. He told me, because of my age, that the calcium - I might not have enough calcium to hold the implants, but he was able to put calcium in my gums, and it’s holding very well. I’m able to eat an apple, and I’m able to eat corn, and I like the idea of eating these things right on the cob, and eat fresh apples, and also eat meat off of a bone. The implants are so sharp that I can do these things, and they’re very solid. I would recommend, if anyone was in an accident and had their teeth removed, yes, I would recommend Balaci very much."

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