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Wendy had lost her front tooth and after several bone graft treatments, Dr. Balaci restored her smile with a dental implant. She drives 100 miles one-way to see him!

Wendy got a dental implant

Wendy's Story

"I had lost my front tooth. On the first visit, I had two extractions and a bone graft. I was in and out in less than an hour. He prepared me for a second bone graft for the front tooth. I came back for a third bone graft. It was almost as if he was a proud father checking in on his work. He gave me the ability to smile. He gave me the ability to present myself. He's given me a new life. Dr. Balaci listened to what my needs were, and he met everything and exceeded everything. I drive 100 miles one way to come see Dr. Balaci. I recommended him to other people in my area, in Philadelphia. If I had found Dr. Balaci and his team faster, I would have done it faster. Simply, he's the best."

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