Ricky Restored His Oral Function With Dental Implants - Bethel, PA

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Ricky was in pain when he ate and experienced a lot of headaches due to a bad tooth. After oral surgery, he’s feeling better than ever!

Ricky from Bethel, got dental implants

Ricky's Story

"My name is Ricky Lookingville. I’m from Bethel, Pennsylvania. I came to see Dr. Balaci because I had real severe pain in one of my teeth and couldn’t eat. It hurt every time I eat, and also gave me bad headaches, actually, with a lot of pain up through in my jaw. My family dentist sent me to see Dr. Balaci to get this tooth removed and get an implant put in. Everybody here was very professional, very kind, really made you feel relaxed here. I have a friend from Fredericksburg that I recommended to come see Dr. Balaci. I told him I had a very good experience, and a very painless surgery, actually, so he also came to see Dr. Balaci. There are people from the Myerstown area that I’ve told about Dr. Balaci. He’s very professional, good at what he does."

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