Ron Replaced His Bridges With Dental Implants - Berks County, PA

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Ron’s oral surgery experience has been incredibly rewarding. He’s thankful to have his oral health restored.

Ron from Berks County, got dental implants

Ron's Story

"Hi, my name is Ron. I’m from Berks County. I’ve had a series of implants performed by Dr. Balaci. He’s performed excellent. I came in here with some bridges that had been deteriorating with the abutments, and we removed those teeth and installed implants, and it’s been a great experience because once they’re in, I have no problems with them. The doctor himself has done a fantastic job. The staff has been great, and has helped me a great deal. I do have some other friends that are patients here. I have friends, of course, in Lebanon, and my sister’s in Myerstown. They’re all fairly local and it’s convenient to travel. I can’t say enough about Dr. Balaci’s performance, and the follow-up with the staff has been a very rewarding experience."

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