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Debra felt comfortable with Dr. Balaci throughout the tooth extraction process. She recommends this office to others without hesitation.

Debra had a tooth extraction in Lebanon, PA

Debra's Story

"I cracked the root of a tooth, and it needed to be extracted. Dr. Balaci puts you very much at ease. He has a very nice manner. He explained everything that he was going to do, and I just felt very comfortable with him. He extracted my tooth, and he put the implant in right away. It was amazing. There was no pain, and he really made me feel at ease. He explained what he was doing as he went along. The next day, you never would have even known that anything was done. Dr. Balaci is very kind. He talks to you, and he just has a very kind manner. His team was very professional and very helpful. I work in a dental office, and I have heard so many wonderful things about him over the years that I would not hesitate to tell anyone to go to Dr. Balaci."

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