Stem cell banking from wisdom teeth in Lebanon, PA
Stem cell banking from wisdom teeth in Lebanon, PA

Stem Cells

Protect Your Future By Banking Stem Cells

With recent advancements in medicine and research, we are making headway in discovering the potential that stem cells have for medical treatments. Wisdom teeth naturally contain an abundance of stem cells that can be harvested and stored following wisdom teeth removal.

Balaci Oral and Facial Surgery has partnered with Stemodontics®, a leading stem cell banking organization. Eligible extraction patients will now have an opportunity to enroll in the stem cell banking process.

What Are Stem Cells?

What is stem cell banking?

Stem cells naturally exist within your body. Find out what stem cells are and how they work.

Stem cells are vital to life because they assist the body in healing from injuries and diseases. Other types of cells can repair cells, but only those of the same type; for example, muscle tissue cells can only repair other muscle tissue cells. Stem cells are unique, however, because they can regenerate and repair any type of your cell your body needs, allowing them to heal muscles, nerves, skin, bone, and more. All the cells in your body are constantly being replaced by regenerated stem cells.

With all the latest advancements, clinicians have discovered new ways to collect stem cells and store them outside the body in a controlled environment. They have developed new ways of harnessing stem cells’ power to apply them to the body and encourage healing. Stem cell research and treatment has provided hope for several diseases and disorders.

Why Should I Bank Stem Cells?

Why bank stem cells?

Banking stem cells from wisdom teeth is an excellent and easy way to invest in your future health.

Collecting stem cells could potentially save your life or the life of someone you love. The key is harvesting them when they were at their most valuable. When we are young, stem cells are healthy and in abundance, but as we get older, they duplicate more and more, and as a result, they decline in both quantity and quality. Wisdom teeth patients are ideal for stem cell collection because they are young, and because wisdom teeth are often the only adult teeth that are removed while still healthy.

Many people don’t realize that stem cells exist in healthy teeth, or that they can be collected safely and painlessly in the same procedure as a tooth extraction. We encourage all of our eligible patients to take advantage of this opportunity.

How to Get Started

Enrolling with Stemodontics through our office is easy! You can complete the process at your appointment, and your surgeon can answer any questions you have about collection and storage. A member of our team will also assist you in the online enrollment process. Once you are finished, Stemodontics sends a collection kit to our practice for the upcoming procedure.

Once the tooth has been removed and properly stored, the Balaci Oral and Facial Surgery team will ship it to the lab for immediate processing and storage. When you’re ready to use your stem cell sample, all you need to do is contact Stemodontics when you are ready. We will ship your sample to your designated healthcare provider.

Ready to enroll?

Save the Future by Enrolling Today

By choosing to bank stem cells safely with Stemodontics, you can be 100% confident that you are choosing a stem cell banking service that can be counted on in your family’s time of need.

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